domingo, 20 de março de 2016

#My trip to Porto

Hi there!
I have so much to talk about Porto and my trip, OMG I am so fucking excited!
I am the one who have been planing every thing, the apartmant where we will stay, is a little flat with just one room whit a couple bad, a single bad and a bunk bad, a modern house on Santa Catarina Street.
Are so many things to deal whit, the apartment, the places where we want to go, the distances and the locations, the meals, the things that witch one should take.

And most important what I have to take, am freaking out! What should I wear? Will be too could there? Will rain? This is to much clothes? Would I wear this? 

I found a solution:

  • So in respond of all my concerns I had decide write what I will wear every single day, is so much easier now! Of course that I will take one or two more clothes just in case.
  • Than I made a list of other clothes I need to take like: Pijamas, black shirt, pants etc...
  • I made a list too of food I must take.
  • I did a list of bathroom stuff i need to take, like: toothbrush, shampoo, makeup etc...  
  • And finally I did a list of things that doesn't fit in any category like: phone charger, head phones, things like that.
Turns been much more easier than I tough whit all this lists. My
appointment book really help me.

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